I, Arien de Vries, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Four years later my parents moved to Bombay where I lived till I was ten. Since 1980 I live and work in Amsterdam. I successfully finished my study theatre design at  the Rietveld Academy in 1986. Since that time I work as a costume designer ( also internationally) for different theatre companies, opera houses and films. In 2010 I won, together with Marc Warning and Gé Wegman the prestigious Wijnberg Scenography Prize for the production of ‘a view from a bridge” by theatre company Oostpool. It’s an annual prize for the best scenic design in theatre. In this case it was the combination of set-, costume- and light design. You can find more about my work as a costume designer on my website

Inspired by working with so many different people and styles, I came with the idea to redefine a classic shirt for men; to make an old time classic which is comfortable and of course timeless. A white shirt for men. Women have their ‘little black dress’ and men should have their ‘Perfect white shirt’.

As a costume designer you have the responsibility to help the actors to feel good in their costume on stage or in front of the camera. The costume should be in “character” and feel comfortable. In this way I wanted to design a perfect shirt for men. A shirt that will always give them a good feeling in every situation, business or casual. The quality of the fabric, the fit and the look and feel should be all equally as important.


A contribution

Sustainability is the keyword for the future. Not only in your use of material but the lifespan of your product is as important. For me it was therefore important that the white shirt should fit in this profile. It shouldn’t be “fashionable” but would be worn with great pleasure and comfort till the very end. A shirt that isn’t subject to trends and is useless after one season. I wanted to make the shirt which is so comfortable, you will find it very hard to part with. ‘The perfect white shirt’ should also be ‘Your favourite white shirt’.

Sustainability is a genuine commitment for cees n co. That is why the shirt, when the time has come to say goodbye, can be returned to us for the fifteen euros of deposit.  From the shirts that are still suitable for the second hand market we will remove the labels and put them up for a second life.  The shirts which are beyond that stage we will send to a company to be recycled to material for new products.

“Let us waste as less as possible and recycle as much as we can”


When the shirt isn’t returned within three years of purchase date, your right to a deposit refund will expire. The fifteen euros you would otherwise have received will then go to