It’s character

The fabric of this classic shirt is a white poplin. Poplin is a strong fabric that has more and thinner warp then weft yarns per inch. It is sustainable and has a smooth, soft but strong feeling to it.

The collar:

The collar is a classic collar semi cutaway with one button and removable collar bones.

The cuffs:

The cuff is a angular cuff with two buttons.

The buttons:

The shirt has silver white buttons with a mother of pearl shine.

Serial numbers:

A label with a number is sewn in the stand of the collar. Every shirt has its own unique number. This label is important for the refund of your deposit.


When returning your shirt within three years after the purchase date, you will receive fifteen euros deposit. All the original labels should be in the shirt. Click here for the procedure.


The sustainability of products is very necessary and a major challenge for all producers. Not only is the nature of our resources of importance, but the lifetime of a product as well. Hence the big challenge to make a shirt that isn’t fashionable, but that will be worn with great pleasure until the bitter end.  A shirt that is hard to part with. ‘The perfect white shirt’’ should become ‘your next favourite shirt’.


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 “Let us waste as little as possible and recycle as much as we can”