The concept of sustainability is for cees n co not just a slogan but a sincere endeavour. Not only is the material of importance but the lifespan and the possibilities of recycling the product is just as important. That is why you can – when you finally have to part with shirt – return the shirt back to us and you will receive fifteen euros deposit in return. Shirts that are still good enough for the second hand market will be stripped of their labels and sent back to a second life. If the shirt however isn’t good enough for a second life, we will bring it to a cotton recycle company, where the raw material will be used for new products.

“Let us waste as little as possible and recycle as much as we can” 

The procedure for deposit

When you return your shirt to cees n co you will receive fifteen euros deposit , regardless the state of the shirt. The only condition we have is that you return it within three years of the purchase date and that the original brand label and the serial number label are still in the shirt.


Send us an email with your name, the serial number of the shirt and the bank account number to where we can transfer your  fifteen euros deposit. The serial number is on a label sewn on the collar stand. Send the shirt to our address which you can find under the heading “contact”. As soon as we have received the shirt we will transfer the money to you within a week.


When the shirt isn’t returned within three years of purchase date, your right to a deposit refund will expire. The fifteen euros you would otherwise have received will then go to a charity. Which charity that will be we do not know as yet. As soon as we know what charity it will be, we will let you know via our website and facebook.