the idea

In my profession as costume designer the search for a classic white shirt wasn’t always a simple one. There were always details which weren’t quite right, the collar, the cuffs, the buttons, the stitching, the finishing and above all the fabric.

A classic white shirt

a real classic shirt   a classic white shirt

When actors need a white shirt for the part they play, I try to find, often on their request, a shirt with a fabric which feels fresh and comfortable. A shirt, when freshly ironed, becomes soft whilst wearing and will still keep it’s fresh and crisp look. Classic, not ‘fashionable’. This was the challenge to produce and design myself. Back to simplicity, but made with great expertise. A shirt for every occasion, for business (under a suit,  with or without tie) as well as casual. It isn’t my goal to add a new trendy white shirt to a man’s wardrobe. Cees n co strives to be the next favourite classic white shirt in his wardrobe.


The sustainability of products is very necessary and a major challenge for all producers. Not only is the nature of our resources of importance, but the lifetime of a product as well. Hence the big challenge to make a shirt that isn’t fashionable, but that will be worn with great pleasure until the bitter end.  A shirt that is hard to part with. ‘The perfect white shirt’’ should become ‘your next favourite shirt’.

The concept of sustainability is for cees n co a sincere endeavour. The possibility of recycling is of great importance in this concept. That is why – when you finally do have to part with your shirt – you may return the shirt to me. You will then receive fifteen euros deposit in return. From the shirts which are still suitable for the second hand market, only the labels will be removed.

The shirts which are too far gone and aren’t suitable for the second hand market anymore, we will remove the buttons and then send it to a recycle company, thus the material can be used for new cotton products.


 ”Let us waste as little as possible and recycle as much as we can” 


A Charity

When a shirt hasn’t been returned within three years of the date of purchase, your rights for a deposit refund of fifteen euros will expire. The fifteen euros will then be given to a charity. What charity that is to be , we are carefully considering at the moment. As soon as we have decided which one it will be, we will let you know via the website.