Je “Perfect white shirt” wordt alleen je “Favorite white shirt” als het lang mooi blijft en al die tijd goed en lekker zit. Zorg daarom dat je het niet te heet wast en niet in de droger stopt.


cees-n-co washing instructions

Loosen all the buttons and take out the collarbones. Treat possible stains with stain remover.

40 degree wrinkelfree

Do not tumbledry, hang je shirt out to dry on a hanger.

Iron hot with steam. For the beste result iron when the shirt is still slightly damp.



The collar:
Dark stains in your collar are due to body-oils and dirt. Unfortunately these are unavoidable in the long run. To postpone this effect, treat the collar everytime with stain remover before washing. This will certainly help to keep the collar white for quite a long time.

Yellow stains in the armpits: Same as the collar; everytime before washing treat them with stain remover. Another tip: Let your deodorant dry up before putting on the shirt.

The shirt will shrink slightly after the first wash as it is 100% cotton.